Sensitive Defence Toothbrush

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Sensitive Defence Toothbrush

Specially designed for Sensitive teeth

Part of the Wisdom Sensitive Defence oral care range.
Feel the difference with this sensitive toothbrush - our most gentle clean ever! This toothbrush has been designed to be gentle on sensitive teeth and gums and helps to prevent damage to enamel caused by over brushing. The micro fine tapered filaments put less pressure on teeth and gums with up to 60% more gentle cleaning for a more gentle clean and softer feel. Each filament strand has a super slim filament tip to effectively remove plaque and reach between teeth for a gentle but deep cleaning experience.

Key features
-Up to 60% more gentle - contact pressure test versus a standard soft monofilament
-Micro fine, tapered filaments put less pressure on teeth and gums
-Helps prevent damage to enamel and gums
-Effective removal of plaque between teeth

  • Up to 60% more gentle

  • Gentle cleaning action

  • Super slim filament tips

  • Deeper clean - softer feel

  • Helps prevent over brushing

Sensitive Defence brush- in packSensitive Defence brush- out of packSensitive Defence brush- head

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I have had a wisdom tooth removed 6 months back. Some of my molars are sensitive. I never thought I would be so happy with a toothbrush! The simple things in life do make a difference. I'm really happy with this product as I find it can be hard to find a soft toothbrush, and it does the job! Great product - 'Matthew'